The Ha-Ha’s



The Ha-Ha’s are a bombastic bouquet of actors from The Pioneer Valley (Massachusetts) who perform the brave art of improvised comedy.  From family-friendly fare to their “Live and Uncensored” shows, from short form yucks to their longform theatrical shows, these top-notch comedians deliver guaranteed laughter to any event. The Ha-Ha’s are proud to bring awareness to important causes, and frequently perform fundraisers for worthy community organizations.

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the ha-ha’S!

The Ha-Ha’s appeared on WLLP’s TV show “Mass Appeal” where they did improv on a live morning show:
Watch it now.
See some Ha-Ha’s on the Valley’s smokin’ hot comic soap opera web series SILENT H, DEADLY H!http://www.silenthdeadlyh.comhttp://www.silenthdeadlyh.comshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1
See The Ha-Ha’s on the SECOND SATURDAY of 
at The Happier Valley Comedy Show in Greenfield.http://www.happiervalley.comhttp://www.happiervalley.comshapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1